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See how we can lift the burden of construction claims from your business with a comprehensive quantum and delay solution, from traditional claims services dealing with loss and expense to state-of-the-art business tools giving you real-time updates at your fingertips.

With a range of services designed to support clients across the construction industry. Whether it’s loss and expense claims, adjudication services, contra charges, contract review, claims avoidance, and delay analysis, our expert team have years of experience in the field.

With a proven track record of providing tailored solutions to clients across various sectors, including oil and gas, construction, rail, renewables, civil engineering, fit-out, water, and defence. We’re here to provide comprehensive support at every stage of your process.

Quantum & Delay Explained

In the construction space, quantum refers to the monetary value of a claim or dispute. It can include costs related to additional work, expenses incurred due to delays or disruptions, or compensation for damage or loss.

Delay, however, refers to any event or circumstance that causes a project to take longer than originally planned. This can include weather delays, unexpected site conditions, labour shortages, or disputes between parties involved in the project. Delays can be costly for all parties involved, resulting in additional expenses and lost time.

In construction disputes, delay and quantum are often closely related, as delays can lead to additional costs that may be included in a quantum claim. Understanding both delay and quantum is essential for navigating the complexities of the construction industry and resolving disputes effectively; luckily for you, it’s what we’ve been doing for the last three decades and something we’d love to take off your plate.

Whether you need help avoiding claims like this, resolving disputes or analysing delays, we would love to discuss your project; if you’re unsure where to turn or need expertise in a hurry, we offer a free consultancy call to help you determine your best course of action.

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