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Data collection in the construction space

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It is more important than ever that your organisation collects the correct site data at the right time. Ensuring that this is all received, correctly structured and securely stored so that it complies with General Protection Data Rules (GDPR) is a tall order.

Paper records are too easily lost, illegible or missing important information.

Our experience shows that although many businesses retain the all-important data, it’s often hard to locate and difficult to access. Requiring lots of data wrangling and reformatting, costing you time, money, and hassle that you don’t want in the middle of a claims dispute.

And since insights are only as good as the data you have, it’s vital to collect critical data in a form that’s ready for interrogation as and when you need it. Saving you time, especially when digitally converting paper documents, such as delivery dockets, sub-contractor reports and receipts.