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Construction claims are often very messy; they frequently involve numerous parties (contractors, subcontractors), complex timescales and contractual regulations that require time and detailed knowledge of the industry to unpick. They also often involve large sums of money and represent a significant business investment for all involved. Making sure that you have collected all relevant information, in an accessible format, is a vital step in resolving construction disputes in your favour.

Once you have amassed all the information relevant to your claim, the chances are you’ll find you have missing data, systems that refuse to communicate with each other and different file types and data collection methods. This is, more often than not, the reality when working with construction data.

Luckily, significant advances in data preparation software and our investment in technology have allowed us to simplify workflows, allowing us to combine information across platforms with ease. Bringing these advances to the construction industry is a step change in how we deal with complex claims and the insights that we can draw from your data.

Combining detailed knowledge of the construction industry, with advances in information technology, puts us at an advantage in presenting your case robustly, improving your chances of a successful outcome.

We are a leader in the area of complex construction data analysis, so get in touch to see how we can help move your business forward.