Three Technologies Changing the Face of Construction

The construction industry is one of the biggest contributors to the world’s economy, employing 7% of the global workforce. Despite this, it’s one of the least digitised sectors, with many businesses employing fewer than 20 people and failing to utilise new technologies to improve efficiency, safety and cost. With the price of housing rising steadily, and a housing shortage in many countries around the globe, new technology is primed to help bridge these gaps in supply and demand.

We’ve been awaiting the advent of a robotic revolution since the 1950’s, and only now are we seeing its potential benefits for industry. We’ve all seen Boston Dynamics’ amazing robots; a ground-breaking sign of the transformation to come across all industries, not least in construction. For example, dangerous and repetitive tasks are commonplace in construction, and an area where industrial robots could increase safety and supplant human workers. In combination with AI, machine learning and 3D printing, the digital landscape in construction is shifting rapidly.

With COVID-19 causing even more pressure to accelerate digitisation, it’s going to be an amazing decade for construction. We at 53 Quantum have put together this infographic to highlight some of the ways in which this digital transformation is set to change the face of construction – the future is here!